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The purpose of this project is to develop a strategy for starting missional communities in Singapore through the work of bivocational personnel. To achieve this, a new work was started with the intention of reaching non-Christians, bringing them into community and discipleship, developing them as leaders and empowering and releasing them to form new missional communities. Special attention was made on spiritual formation, community life together and a transformative leadership process of developing leaders who replicate themselves.

The context of Singapore is one in which Christianity has enjoyed great success. Singapore churches generally embrace a missiological theology but this outlook is being eroded as churches grow and are becoming institutionalized. It is the intention of this project to reclaim the centrality of mission, remove any clergy-laity divisions and return the church to a form of team-based, egalitarian leadership structure with distributed authority.

While the goal of replicating the community was not successful and the community disbanded after two years, the insights gleaned are helpful for future efforts at starting missional communities. One key lesson learned was the need to pay attention to cultural and societal norms in Singapore. These include Singapore being a collective society, the influence of Confucianism, high power distance index and desire for structure, organization, and planning in the mentality of the people. In addition, the home setting may not be the most ideal place for maintaining and growing missional communities in Singapore. Now understanding community sizes and sustainability, the goal should be to aim for a size of fifty people within two years of community formation. On the other hand, to ensure the continuity of bivocational leadership in the community, it is recommended that the community not be allowed to grow beyond 150 people before multiplying.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Pierson, Paul

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Singapore, Vocation, Mission, Christian leadership, Missional Communities


Leadership Studies | Missions and World Christianity


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