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This project presents the peculiarities in Brazilian immigrants with very specific cultural characteristics. The first part of the work focuses on the process of acculturation and its peculiarities. The plurality of the Brazilian cultural fabric formed by European, African and Asian influences is treated, as a facilitating aspect of the process of acculturation of Brazilian immigrants in USA. Also, in this first part, the project deals with religious syncretism resulting from the accommodation of Roman Catholicism to the animism of the natives, and to the religions of African slaves. This religious background helps in understanding Brazilian religiosity. The project traces the profile of the target audience in three dimensions: place of residence, lifestyle, and spiritual, social and emotional conditions.

The second part of the project deals with the biblical and theological foundations: the theology of the foreigner and the ecclesiology to the immigrant church. It addresses conflicts by taking a biblical approach to how God has dealt with this theme throughout history. The project proposes to develop an ecclesiastical practice that meets the spiritual, social and emotional demands of its target audience.

Finally, the third part focuses on the strategies for the development of the project. The first challenge is to develop a strategy to reach a diffuse immigrant population, spread in a huge mass of Americans. Secondly, the project focuses in to develop an internal structure to the congregation. Finally, the conclusions address this stability of the congregation, developing a core group with the target audience.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Wood, Stan

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Church planting, Church work with immigrants, Brazilian immigrants, Immigrants, Missions, Huston, Texas


Missions and World Christianity | Practical Theology


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