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The goal of this project is to develop a study guide for adult Christian smartphone users to prevent and/or to combat smartphone addiction by engaging them in a journey of establishing practices and rhythms of solitude, silence, and centering prayer. The ultimate goal is to awaken their senses to the active presence of God in their daily lives and to cultivate a deeper longing and connection with God.

Part One examines the popularity, impacts, and dangers of smartphone technology in the wider Canadian cultural context as well as in the smaller ministry context of Calvary Logos Baptist Church in Scarborough, Ontario. Smartphone addiction can be a real concern but the smartphone per se shall not be blamed. This study is not about banning the use of smartphones but understanding how unhealthy smartphone habits can be formed and possibly be replaced by life-giving habits.

Part Two presents theological reflection on two sets of academic literature. The first is the impact of smartphones on humans from neuroscience, psychology, and spiritual formation perspectives. The second presents a history from the ancient past to the present on how key spiritual masters practiced disciplines such as solitude, silence, and centering prayer as a means of grace to combat passions, and to pursue spiritual wholeness with the divine. Henceforth, a new ministry initiative evolves through the use of a study guide to help participants establish rhythms of life.

Part Three offers the implementation plan of the study guide. The guide provides seven sessions of materials from theories to practices. Participants are invited to journal their experiences and to participate in a community group for accountability. This project recognizes God can transform individuals through practices of spiritual disciplines, but also through communities that are willing to rise above the currents to devote their attention to God.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Rowland, Randy

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Smartphone Addiction, Habits, Solitude, Silence, Prayer, Spiritual Formation


Practical Theology


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