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Since 1997, Houston Presbyterian Cursillo (HPC) has been a beautiful and effective tool that God has used to help transform many people’s lives. However, in the past few years, HPC has begun to show signs of decline and waning interest. The goal of this ministry focus paper is to explore and enhance the effectiveness of Houston Presbyterian Cursillo in order to increase the lasting transformation of participants as evidenced by personal spiritual growth and missional servanthood. My hope is to help HPC begin the process of redevelopment and revitalization.

This paper contains three major sections. The first section tells the story of Cursillo from its origins and describes the current context of HPC. It examines the structure of HPC in the three phases of the movement: Pre-Cursillo, the Weekend, and the Fourth Day, and discusses the strengths and weaknesses of HPC, drawing significant insight from the results of a survey of HPC administered for this project.

The second section studies the biblical and theological foundations of Cursillo: personal spiritual transformation and the call to be part of bringing about God’s Kingdom on earth, showing that the movement is grounded in the mission and purposes of God, applicable to every time and culture.

Finally, in an effort to see more definitive change in participants of Cursillo and in the movement itself, the third section suggests a strategy and process for incorporating changes in the ministry of the HPC.

Houston Presbyterian Cursillo has a unique and valuable ministry that must not be lost. It is hoped that the changes offered in this paper will help HPC continue helping people learn how to live as transformed followers of Jesus and be part of changing the world for Christ.

Content Reader: Stephen D. Bryant, D.D.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Bryant, Stephen D.

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Houston Presbyterian Cursillo (Houston, Tex.); Cursillo movement; Spiritual formation; Spiritual life; Presbyterian Church


Missions and World Christianity


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