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The goal of this study was to extract lessons about leader development from the history of Campus Outreach that will help churches and para-church organizations and expressions become more effective. This project will analyze the forty year history of Campus Outreach, a campus ministry started under the direction of the local church.

The history of Campus Outreach was analyzed in order to understand the ministry context. A unique feature of the Campus Outreach movement from its inception is the development of missional leaders as the aim of the organization. Additionally, the present organizational challenges for developing missional leaders was analyzed and recommendations was offered.

To gain the insights to make helpful recommendations, a theological review was made to analyze guiding principles the church of Jesus Christ has employed in developing missional leaders. Through reflecting on the historical ministry context and analyzing the theological insights, a Campus Outreach missional theology was presented.

Taking this missional theological summary, two surveys were used to identify the present effective practices as well as the deficiencies. The staff survey, both the written questionnaire and personal interviews, sought to engage present executive level Campus Outreach leaders and any staff who served for over ten years with the organization. An additional survey of over 1,750 alumni was also used to assess the health and effectiveness of leader development and to gain needed feedback.

Recommendations for future health and effectiveness for the movement was offered to local churches, campus ministries and other missional organizations. This project commends to missional leaders and organizations the importance of aligning the aims of leader development with the organizations structures and practices.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Walling, Terry

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Christian leadership, Missions, Church work with students, College students, Evangelistic work


Missions and World Christianity


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