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This dissertation explored the intersection of leadership of the church as an epic, visionary and transformational journey. Using the insights of Joseph Campbell’s work on cross-cultural mythology, A Hero with a Thousand Faces,presents what he calls, “The Hero’s Journey” or “Mono-myth” is a pattern of narrative that appears in dramas, storytelling, literature, ancient myths, movies, the world’s religions and psychological development. It is a map of the journeys taken by humans since the beginning and is found throughout the world as a blueprint of the growth and experience in life. Visionary leadership is about hope. Archetypes and mythology have heroes who are often seeking transformation. Visionary leadership creates a shared vision, purpose and strategy to accomplish the mission of the church. Visionary Leadership is an adventure to discover the personal and collective power of a church to navigate conflict, trauma, to make heroic transformative changes.

Part One explored the state of the Church today as paradigm of mission and transformation. Part Two will examine the basic stages in the Hero’s Journey. Part Three will explore the Hero’s Journey as a metaphor of visionary leadership as it seeks so to create shared vision, purpose and strategy to accomplish the mission of the church. Because church leaders often deal with conflict in churches, we have devoted time to explore conflict transformation and the healing of trauma in making more effective pastors. Finally, we explored the Hero’s Journey as a model of Christian spirituality and its implications for church leadership.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Nagy, Alex

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Christian leadership, Hero's Journey, Conflict management, Transformation, Spirituality


Leadership Studies | Practical Theology


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