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Pastoral ministry is challenging and at times difficult. Paul describes the stress of ministry in 2 Corinthians 7:5: “Outside were conflicts, inside were fears.” The purpose of this project is to provide a training manual that can be used in a pastors’ summit that encourages Foursquare pastors in the United States to cultivate key practices for ministry resilience for a lifetime of fruitful and fulfilling ministry. The introduction identifies cultural pressures and unrealistic expectations that make ministry difficult. Chapter 1 introduces the target audience. It also provides a brief history of the Foursquare Church and identifies Foursquare’s doctrine, domains of expertise, and polity. This constitutes Part One.

Chapter 2 reviews key books that deal with pastoral resilience, the Holy Spirit’s relationship to the pastoral vocation, and pastoral theology that relates to ministry context. Chapter 3 completes Part Two and articulates a practical pneumatology that accesses the help of the Holy Spirit in pastoral ministry.

Part Three consists of two short chapters and a conclusion. Chapter 4 lists theological conclusions and ministry challenges of the project and the pastoral summit format. Chapter 5 concerns the implementation and evaluation of the training manual and summit, followed by a conclusion.

The heart of the project is a training manual entitled “Pastoral Grit: Key Practices for Resiliency in Ministry.” The manual articulates twelve key practices that apply to the whole of the pastor’s life and ministry. The manual is less about strategy, methods, and church growth and more about the transformation of the inner life of the pastor for his or her emotional, spiritual, and mental health in ministry. The approach to these practices is fourfold: a story from my pastoral experience, biblical texts that apply to the practice, a teaching on the practice, and pneumatology accessing the help of the Holy Spirit.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Spencer, Jan

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Resilience, Holy Spirit, Foursquare pastors, Pastoral ministry, Twelve Key Practices for Resiliency, Practical theology


Leadership Studies | Practical Theology


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