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This doctoral project will create a training resource that will equip the members of Storehouse Church to activate their sent nature.

Storehouse Church was founded in 2001 by a seven-person church-planting team of young adults. The church has grown consistently over the years, moving from one rental facility to the next. In 2012, Storehouse Church was able to purchase an existing church building nestled on 8 acres in Plymouth Meeting, PA. The specific need of the church is to train and equip members to embrace their sent nature and engage in missional activity.

Part 1 of this project will describe the unique context of the Plymouth Meeting community, specifically its proximity to urban centers and suburban development. The project will highlight the history and ministry of Storehouse Church. Detail will be provided about the challenges Storehouse Church leaders must overcome to fully participate in the training experience titled “The Sent Lab.”

Part 2 of the project will review books that provide a biblical foundation for understanding missional activity. The works that have been chosen for this project consist of the thought leaders in this important topic. The insights from this section will form the foundation for the development and implementation of The Sent Lab.

Part 3 will draw upon the work in Part 2 to present a two-part strategy for activating missional activity in the local church. First is a retreat environment where participants are taught the biblical, theological, and practical aspects of missional activity. Second, utilize personal coaching based on personal application of the material. The objective is to mobilize church members to engage in specific steps toward application. The feedback from the participants will be utilized to refine the process thereby creating a reproducible strategy for mobilizing believers in missional activity through the local church.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Walkemeyer, Larry

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Storehouse Church, Plymouth Meeting, Missions, Discipleship, Disciple-making, Discipling


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