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The purpose of this paper is to develop an appropriate curriculum for pastoral formation for Nepali churches. Through the study of Sixty-seven years of historical development, and practices currently available for training pastors, a new strategy is being prepared to equip the pastoral leaders of Nepali Reformed Churches (NRC). Pastors will learn to adopt healthy and excellent ministry practices by learning and mentoring towards formation.

The paper argues that pastors, since the beginning of the church in Nepal, have practiced leadership heavily influenced by the culture, politics, and religion around them. This has led to faulty ecclesiology, apparent in the churches. Church leaders need to reframe contextual frameworks for spirituality and leadership, shifting from traditional models of person and power-based to a more biblical model of shepherding that enables others. Intentional learning, practicing, and mentoring must become the backbone of pastoral training.

The first part of the paper presents the historical church and the context of leadership development, as well as the ministry challenges of the NRC churches. The second part presents theological reflections by way of relevant literature reviews and biblical studies on the topics addressed. The third part of the paper presents the methodology of new ministry initiatives, including a sample manual on Mentoring for Pastoral Formation. To test these principles, the project ran two sets of training with pastors and church planters, and a group of seminary faculty in Nepal.

Through an examination of Scripture and relevant resources, the project concludes that Jesus’s model of shepherding leadership seeks to serve the community in practice. The project unearths the principle that transformational leadership formation is best achieved through mentoring.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Schwanda, Tom

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Nepal, Nepali Churches, Christian leadership, Leadership, South Asia, Mentoring, Discipleship, Spiritual Disciplines, Adaptive Leadership, Pastoring in Himalayas. Nepali Ecclesiology, Nepal, Nepali Reformed Churches (NRC)


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