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The goal of this project is to create a Missional Coaching Handbook that can be used by pastors and church leaders to coach parishioners on how to engage and disciple the Nones in their unique context toward holistic gospel flourishing. A gap exists between missional understanding and missional praxis in the churches of the Association of the Churches of God in Oregon and Southwest Washington. A new discipleship model needs to be implemented that utilizes coaching to equip parishioners to reach the Nones in their communities.

This study explores the history of the Association and the changing understanding of mission through the years. The project also examines the challenges facing the diverse communities that make up the Association in the wake of the disintegration of Christendom and the rise of the Nones. Through an examination of literature and the critical theology of the Missio Dei, a revised understanding of missional ecclesiology was deemed critical if the church hopes to reach the Nones.

This study used a coaching model to activate the missional imagination of those being coached and to help them develop “missional moves” into their neighborhoods in response to the handbook. A group of pastors in the Association was enlisted to coach parishioners through the content of the handbook. The goal of the project is to find a way to move parishioners from consumers of religious goods and services to true missionaries in their neighborhoods to help reach the Nones and bring kingdom flourishing.

A missional coaching approach was helpful in assisting parishioners to gain a better understanding of how they can impact their community. However, due to the small number of participants, more study is needed to see if this approach can be effective in bridging the gap between knowledge and practice over a long period of time.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Fredrickson, Kurt

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Christian leadership, Leadership, Missions, Culture, Nones, Discipleship, Post-Christian, Coaching, Church of God (Anderson, IN)


Missions and World Christianity | Practical Theology


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