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Silas T.Y. Ng

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The purpose of this ministry focus paper is to present a mentoring discipleship strategy to develop a relational and missional lifestyle on a micro level for churches of Anglican Coalition in Canada (hereafter, ACiC). This paper serves as a strategic plan for my overseeing ministry as a bishop, which I assumed in September 2009. It contains three major sections: research-based, theologically grounded, and strategically planned.

Part One (“Data-based”) offers a general overview of the ACiC, describing its history, vision, people, and challenges. The paper will then explore contextual issues through interviews of some important Christian leaders and the results of a questionnaire for three thousand Christians in one hundred churches. The findings support my theory of the reality that fewer than 10 percent of Christians have a daily devotional time, which is directly related to the rationale for launching this Micro Discipleship plan.

Part Two (“Theologically Grounded”) will describe the biblical, ecclesiological, and theological assumptions that serve as the foundation of the strategy. This section will attempt to clarify the goal of the process by asking three simple but basic questions: Why are fewer than 10 percent of Christians having a daily devotional time? Is this a problem? If so, how do church leaders deal with this problem? A theology of micro discipleship will be explored and proposed, highlighting biblical teachings regarding the necessity and nature of this strategy.

Part Three (“Strategically Planned”) provides a practical mentoring discipleship plan by outlining the tasks of a two-stage simple and gradual mentoring discipleship process. The final chapter will describe the evaluation in data format of the effectiveness of this strategy after a one-year period. The heart of the proposed strategy will be simple, focused, and deep in the development of a new lifestyle for disciples of Christ.

Theological Mentor: Kurt Fredrickson, PhD

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Doctor of Ministry

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Fredrickson, Kurt

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March 2018

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Anglican Coalition in Canada; Spiritual formation; Discipling (Christianity); Missional church movement; Mentoring in church work


Missions and World Christianity


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