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This final project is designed to provide assistance from a biblical perspective to those transitioning into the role of executive secretary, a second-leader position, after having led from a first-leader position. In the Seventh-day Adventist Church organization, there are several structural levels, which form a hierarchical structure. Individuals who are selected for the position of second leader usually are chosen from among those who are first leaders in a lower level of the church organization.

This transition to second leader creates unique and specific challenges for most persons. Many struggle with understanding how to lead from this position as second leader after having become accustomed to the role and responsibility of being a first leader. It is the objective of this project to look at the leadership role of the executive secretary, the second leader, from a biblical perspective and provide some guidance and insight on balancing loyalty and leadership, support and strength from this unique position.

This project will be presented in three parts. Part One will deal with the contextual environment in the Seventh-day Adventist denomination in which the executive secretary functions. It will focus on the organizational structure of the denomination and the role and function of the executive secretary. Part Two will present a theological understanding of the Church and the Body of Christ, as it relates to functions and roles within the body of believers. It will provide biblical examples of second leaders and how they operate. Part Three will apply the theological understanding of the Body of Christ and the biblical examples in Scripture to the role of the executive secretary. It also will contain an implementation strategy on how first leaders can use these principles and successfully transition into a second-leader role.

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General Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists; Christian leadership; Leadership


Missions and World Christianity


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