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In order to build up a former Word-oriented, Hong Kong immigrant, non-denominational, discipleship church in Toronto, Canada, into a praying congregation, this paper explores the effects of implementing a spiritual literacy project for the spiritual formation and life transformation of the church.

My vision as a pastor is to build up my congregation (GSCCC) to be “a house of prayer for all nations” (Mark 11:17), where together the church becomes a nurturing environment for whoever comes to encounter God and to continue in their life-transformation process. As the congregation is more theologically than spiritually trained, this paper focuses on implementing a spiritual literacy project to assist their balance in knowing God. Spiritual literacy refers to learning the language of God in order to communicate with God, to keep hearts attentive to the inward teaching of the Holy Spirit, and to allow the Word to transform them to be more Christ-like. Thus they may enjoy a closer walk with God.

This paper firstly defines the issues of the congregation seen as stagnation in their spiritual growth. It contains a cultural and spiritual exegesis on the background and history of GSCCC showing that their lack of Christian spirituality training and practices relates to the lack of joy and vitality in their Christian life.

Secondly, it reflects on the biblical and theological grounds and implications of this project. It studies Mark 11:17 to confirm this vision, and examine the concepts and importance of on-going conversion in this pilgrimage, balanced spiritual and theological literacy in enhancing the life-transforming effect of the Word, and the pitfalls of hypocrisy when the life-transforming process comes to a halt.

Thirdly, this paper reports on the ministry strategy and outcomes of this project. Based on current outcomes, I reflect on project continuation to realize the vision, and the importance of character formation for a pastor to implement such a project.

Content Reader: Richard Peace, PhD

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Peace, Richard

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Good Shepherd Chinese Christian Church (Toronto, Ont.); Spiritual formation; Protestant churches; Spiritual life; Prayer; Spirituality


Missions and World Christianity


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