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This dissertation will explore the “entrepreneurial” role of the “Church of the future” from a theological perspective, with the aim of highlighting for the African-American Church, and potentially the larger Church, the entrepreneurial character of Christian leadership and a theology of holistic ministry, as well as the theological character of the faith, innovation, and collaboration that define entrepreneurship. Churches of the future can take many forms, but they share certain attributes in common: a holistic understanding of the church’s mission, dynamic spirituality, and holistic ministry practice. From these areas, this dissertation will evaluate an approach to ministry that looks at the business of faith and theological entrepreneurship as it relates to strategies for renewal, growth, and transformation within the church and the community.

This paper will be divided into three sections. Part One will define the “Church of the Future” and provide the foundation for developing a theology of holistic ministry as it relates to the church’s mission and practice of ministry. The first section will conclude with an analysis of the boundaries and barriers of effective holistic ministry within a local church and its community.

Part Two will focus on developing an understanding of the entrepreneurial character of leadership. It will draw leadership lessons from Jesus which portray Jesus as a servant leader, a risk taker, and a public theologian. It will conclude with the development of a theology of leadership from an entrepreneurial perspective.

Part Three will focus on the biblical and theological foundations of the Church of the Future in an effort to derive a clear understanding of its nature and mission. It will draw from Scripture, the African-American church experience, and a consideration of the mission of the Church of Jesus Christ. This section will also present strategies for renewal, growth, and transformation within the Church and the community.

Theological Mentor: Kurt Fredrickson, PhD

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Fredrickson, Kurt

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Church; African American churches; Mission of the church; Christian leadership; Protestant churches; Entrepreneurship


Missions and World Christianity


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