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This study presents an attractional and incarnational strategy to help members of International Pentecostal Church (hereafter, IPC) to reach out and enfold some of the local Korean population into its congregation. The strategy focuses upon the church working together with students of the Cerritos Community College (hereafter, CCC) Christian Student club to influence Korean students into fellowship, Bible study, and Pentecostal worship gatherings. Ultimately the goal of this study includes Korean students experiencing their personal new birth experience.

In three parts, this paper addresses the IPC ministry context, theological foundation, and strategies to enfold some Korean students from CCC into its congregation. Upon describing the need and challenges of IPC to reach into the Korean community, the first part of this paper discusses the Bellflower and surrounding area’s demographics, with special attention given to the Korean community. A discovery of IPC’s strengths and weaknesses provides insights and potential modifications. A subsequent section discusses the CCC, its characteristics and demographics with particular focus given to the Korean student population that builds the basis for the strategies described later in the paper.

The second part of this paper examines the theological basis for the focused thrust to reach and enfold students of the Korean community. It evaluates the biblical and theological considerations for the project. The paper then addresses the missiological and ecclesiological backdrops for the endeavor.

The third part of this paper discusses the strategy for accomplishing the goals. After clearly defining the goals, the paper presents the project’s strategic overview that includes the pastor’s responsibility, IPC’s responsibility, CCC’s roles, as well as defines what the church should expect to see when a student is enfolded into IPC’s worshipping community. Subsequently, the specific strategy is addressed and an assessment section helps to evaluate the success of the focused ministry project.

Theological Mentor: Kurt Fredrickson, PhD

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Fredrickson, Kurt

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Cerritos Community College; International Pentecostal Church; Church work with students; Church work with Korean Americans; Cultural assimilation


Missions and World Christianity


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