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This project’s goal is to help the first generation (Korean Ministry, or KM) and the second generation (English Ministry, or EM) of Korean-American Christians in the denomination of the Korean-American Presbyterian Church, who are at a crossroad of choosing between staying together or parting ways, to consider interdependent coexistence as a viable option. The project is presented in three parts. The first section retraces the history of the immigrant Korean-American Church. It takes a close look at the past and the present and then looks towards the potential for a collaborative future.

The second section surveys the Old Testament and New Testament. It reveals a gathering God who brings his people together and provides resources for them to achieve the marks of a believing, loving, hoping, and patiently waiting community. This section will lay the groundwork for Korean-American Christians to emulate what God desires for the Church to be in Scripture.

The final section applies the above biblical marks to current Korean-American churches to make the necessary changes to become more like the Church God envisions. It uses Korean Central Presbyterian Church as a case study, where the first and the second generations of Korean Americans are striving to interdependently coexist. Then it presents how both the denomination and local churches can use the Bible as a mirror to find the goals and means to set forth denominational directives to boldly embrace change, courageously come to the table of dialogue through Appreciative Inquiry, and include the laity on a local level to project a possible future for Korean Ministry and English Ministry interdependently coexisting. Though the scope of this project was limited to the Korean-American Church, the greater hope is for the broader Church to overcome conflict and interdependently coexist.

Content Reader: Young Lee Hertig, PhD

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Hertig, Young Lee

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Korean Central Presbyterian Church (Daly City, Calif.); Church work with Korean Americans; Intergenerational relations; Cultural assimilation; Church work


Missions and World Christianity


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