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Jodie W. Tey

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The goal of this paper is to develop a strategy for discipleship at CrossWinds Church in Dublin, California. The main thrust of this strategy focuses on the concept of customizable learning modules that will facilitate spiritual growth, provide ongoing spiritual direction, and disciple individuals towards Christ-like character. CrossWinds Church is a seeker-sensitive church that has been in existence for twenty years.

At its inception, CrossWinds filled a niche by providing a seeker-sensitive venue for the growing Tri-Valley suburban community. Over the last several years, however, the seeker-sensitive model has proven to be ineffective at retaining individuals; and, attendance has dropped steadily, causing concern among senior leaders. Crosswinds’ leadership participated in Willow Creek’s REVEAL survey and discovered that busy lifestyle choices were keeping people away from church. Congregants were overwhelmingly dissatisfied with how they were growing spiritually. In order to reverse this current downward spiral, various learning options will be explored in an effort to develop an integrated spiritual growth strategy that gives people personalized options for discipleship and growth.

This paper contains three major sections. The first looks at CrossWinds’ ministry context: location, demographics, target audiences, and how postmodernism has affected this community. The second section of this paper reflects on various theological viewpoints for spiritual development, dominant ecclesiological themes found in CrossWinds’ mission statement, and theological frameworks that inform spiritual growth. The final section of this paper provides a strategy for launching an integrated spiritual growth plan through customizable learning modules that seek to meet people at various levels of spiritual development, so that all will feel they are experiencing transformation and growth in a way that fits their learning style, spiritual pathway, and current life stage. The end result should yield greater retention and commitment among attendees, life change, and renewed commitment to Christ.

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Doctor of Ministry

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April 2018

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Crosswinds Church (Dublin, California); Discipling (Christianity); Spiritual formation; Protestant churches; Church renewal


Missions and World Christianity


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