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William White

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The goal of this paper is to reflect on the need for missional preaching at Emmanuel in Paramount, California, to articulate the theological framework for such a ministry, and to strategize its implementation. This paper originated from Emmanuel’s commitment to renew the neighboring city of Compton and the ensuing need to develop disciples who embody God’s mission so deeply that they will serve that city for decades and potentially move into it. This paper argues that the mission of preaching derives from the mission of the Church which in turn derives from the mission of God. Since mission is inherent to the character of God, the Church is inherently missional and so is its preaching. This paper defines a missional church as the sent people of God, a definition which intrinsically includes the Church’s doxological, communal, and missional priorities.

The missional priority has historically been underrepresented in the Church, but a renewed emphasis on its mission has arisen in recent years. Although this corrective has helped refocus attention on mission, the Church and its preaching must always hold to all three priorities. Because of this new and helpful focus on the missional element, the Church and its preaching are rightly called “missional,” but that term is technically a misnomer because the Church and its preaching should always balance the doxological, communal and missional priorities. This paper finds that the preaching at Emmanuel has been missional for decades but not intentionally so. A plan is proposed to make Emmanuel’s preaching missional by intentionally integrating missional theology into the training of its preachers and into the planning of sermons from the year-long sermon schedule to individual sermons.

Theological Mentor: Kurt Fredrickson, PhD

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Fredrickson, Kurt

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Emmanuel Reformed Church (Paramount, Calif.); Preaching; Home missions; Missional church movement; Church renewal


Missions and World Christianity


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