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Papua New Guinea (PNG) is experiencing changes that grow in significance and accelerate in pace. Although the majority of its population are still subsistence farmers, the postmodern world is fast making an impact. That means that at the same time they are strongly influenced by firmly ingrained tradition where animism is binding and a pervasive element as well as Western media with its consumerism and worldview. The most impacted are youth who are caught up between the traditional and postmodern culture. In a country that is Christian by constitution, pastors are looked upon with high esteem. They need to find a way to bridge the gap, to make sense of the world youth are living in, and find a meaningful way forward.

The purpose of this ministry focus paper is to present the curriculum for a masters level Introduction to Youth Ministry course that is biblically based and contextually relevant for PNG pastors and youth workers. It provides insights into youth ministry challenges by looking at context, psycho-social development, influences, and ecology. It also explores youth ministry as practical theology in the Seventh-day Adventist context by highlighting a biblical call of adoption and selected issues in practical theology. It outlines youth ministry history in the SDA church worldwide and specifically in PNG, and further looks at anticipated trends. Finally, it offers a curriculum for a masters level Introduction to Youth Ministry course in PNG by specifying goals and learning outcomes for the course as well as elements of the curriculum with units and assignments for the course.

Although it is aimed at pastors and youth workers in PNG, other sectors can benefit from the research—politicians, educators, health workers, clergy—especially if they are coming from a different culture, be that PNG or another country.

Content Reader: Chapman Clark, PhD

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Clark, Chap

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General Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists; Church work with youth; Curriculum planning; Theological seminaries; Curricula


Missions and World Christianity


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