Enhancing the Viability of Brazilian Business as Mission Missionaries

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Business as Mission is a growing mission sending strategy that is being to increase the options for access and work by Christian missionaries. The strategy has biblical roots but in the past several decades has received the endorsement of key Christian organizations including the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization. Business as Mission is being used as a mission sending strategy by mission agencies in Brazil, which has one of the largest and fastest growing Protestant populations in the world. The growth of the Protestant Church in Brazil as well as the economic growth of the country has resulted in a desire by many within Brazil to increase Brazil's participation in Christian cross–cultural mission.

While there has been extensive research done on the reasons for attrition among traditional Christian missionaries and many mission agencies have member care programs designed to increase the effectiveness of their missionaries though appropriate pre–field preparation and on–field support, there has been no published research done regarding unique factors that exist within Business as Mission missionaries, regardless of the country of origin of the missionaries. This dissertation examines the unique aspects of Business as Mission as a mission sending strategy that may affect the effectiveness of its practitioners differently than exists for traditional Christian missionaries. In addition, preparation and support systems for secular expatriate workers are examined based on similarities in the type of work done between BAM missionaries and secular expatriate workers.

Twelve Brazilian Business as Missionaries participated in research that identified key factors that should be considered in the preparation and support of Brazilian Business as Mission missionaries, or practitioners. The findings of the research are being used to initiate a BAM sending strategy for a Brazilian Protestant mission agency.

Mentor: Alan Weaver

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Doctor of Intercultural Studies (DIS)

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Weaver, Alan

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Missions, Brazilian, Business, International business enterprises


Missions and World Christianity


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