Facilitating a renewal of discipleship praxis amongst Burkinabe leaders and learners

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"Facilitating a Renewal of Discipleship Praxis Amongst Burkinabé Leaders and Learners" employs the perspective of contextual missiology to address concepts of theological education and discipleship praxis, in the context of Burkina Faso, West Africa, employing a phenomenological study to determine a qualitative evaluation of Burkinabé leaders' and learners' insights, attitudes, perspectives and hopes regarding incumbent forms of theological education and discipleship praxis.

The resulting analysis explores tensions between modern, Western theological education and a derived concept of contextually-appropriate "theological education as discipleship," which endeavours to bridge between formal and informal education: integrating theology, spirituality and discipleship; embracing the vitality of orality, literacy and vernacular language; aiming at equipping the whole community of Christ to participate in vocational expressions of mission that lead to social and cultural transformation.

This conceptual framework leads to the definition of a practical, relevant and accessible resource, which forms an integral element of a set of recommendations for facilitating the equipping of Burkinabé leaders and learners for a life of scripturally based Christian discipleship. The formulation of such a resource potentially represents a highly relevant response to the dearth of and hunger for biblical discipleship resources, encountered within Burkina Faso—and, potentially beyond, in similar post-colonial contexts.

As an integral element of its proposed methodology and praxis, the research encompasses the missiological debate regarding appropriate intercultural dynamics between Western and non-Western missional practitioners and communities, proposing the concept of "intercultural mutuality" to describe a shared sense of intercultural appreciation and compatibility of gifts, talents, characteristics and culture, rooted in a mutual, vocational commitment to the eternal purpose of God—the Missio Dei.

Mentors: Dr. Elizabeth L. Glanville, Dr. Wilbert R. Shenk

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Doctor of Missiology

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Glanville, Elizabeth L.

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