Mobilizing Expatriate Christians as Tentmakers in the Arabian Peninsula


Moon Sang Cho

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How can the expatriate Christians in the Arabian Peninsula be mobilized as tentmakers to bring the gospel to the Muslims in the region? The Arabian Peninsula is the center of the Islamic world and the strongest barrier in Christian mission. Nevertheless, there are more than two million Christians in this region, accounting for around 6% of the total population, becoming potential resources to add a new force to the missionary movement for this region. This research proposes strategies to mobilize them as tentmakers. The strategies are based on information collected from survey and focus groups; the hindering factors and their needs for becoming effective tentmakers. The hindering factors involve lack of training, lack of spiritual maturity, fear of persecution, and lack of a sense of calling. To overcome these obstacles, they need training for spiritual maturity, biblical knowledge, Muslim ministry, and the Arabic language. The needs for becoming an effective tentmaker also include correct priorities, vision, internal and external challenges, and a sense of belongingness to the family of God. These pieces of information are knit together and presented as strategies to mobilize expatriate Christians as tentmakers. Also, included after the formulation of the strategies is the evaluation of leadership style required for the fruitful application of this project. It is hoped that this research will inspire mission leaders to consider expatriate Christians in the Arabian Peninsula as a useful source to expose the gospel to Muslims. It is also hoped that this research will challenge expatriate Christians in the Arabian Peninsula to ponder upon God's purpose for them and their important value in God's redemptive plan.

Mentor: J. Dudley Woodberry

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Doctor of Missiology (DMiss)

First Advisor

Woodberry, J. Dudley

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Aliens, Arabian Peninsula


Missions and World Christianity


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