Churches Seeking the Shalom of the City

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In this research, I explore the calling of four selected churches seeking the shalom of their cities. The argument is made for churches to seek the shalom of their cities, and the findings provide practical tools to help them do so. The questions What is shalom? and Why the city? are first answered through a thorough review of the precedent literature. The answers to those questions paint a vivid picture of why seeking the shalom of the city matters biblically and practically in our world today.

As the founder of a church that is seeking the shalom of our city in Benton Harbor, Michigan, I am also a participant observer. My desire to research and write on seeking the shalom of the city has grown through years of serving as a practitioner who has been hungry to learn and apply anything related to the subject that would help our ministry and city. Over the years, I have found very little in academia and mainstream work around seeking the shalom of the city. Shalom is complex, as is the city. The work of this research has sought to provide simplicity and clarity for those churches that would like to seek the shalom of their cities.

The focus of the research with the four selected churches involved the key leadership in each locale as defined and invited by the senior leader. The leaders were as diverse in age, ethnicity, and backgrounds as the cities in which I did the research. The churches were also each very different from one another in size, age, and approach to seeking the shalom of their cities. As a result, the paradigms, principles, and practices (personal and group) that are identified emerge from a rich cross section of people, places, and data. The goal of this work is to serve as a witness and a practical application guide to a very bright future for churches that have been called to seek the shalom of their cities. Seeking the shalom of the city will lead to meaningful and transformational ministry for many churches in the years ahead. The paradigms, principles, and practices outlined in this research will chart a new course for relevant city ministry in the twenty-first century.

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Doctor of Intercultural Studies (DIS)

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Glanville, Elizabeth L.

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Shalom, Mission of the church, Overflow Church and Mosaic CCDA (Benton Harbor, Mich.), Hope Community Church (Detroit, Mich.), New Hope Family Worship Center (Brooklyn, N.Y.), On Ramps Covenant Community Church (Fresno, Calif.), City missions, Cities and towns, Christian leadership, Evangelistic work, Church renewal Case studies, Peace Biblical teaching, Missions, Church renewal


Christian Denominations and Sects | Christianity | Missions and World Christianity


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