Exploring Opportunities for Christian Ministries in Areas of Egypt without Churches

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Egypt is a large country of 100 million people, consisting of twenty-seven governorates, which are divided into cities, towns, villages, and sub-villages. The number of these areas, which are known in Egypt as administrative divisions, is about 34,000. There are about 3500 churches in Egypt representing all the Christian denominations, distributed in about 800 of these areas. There are many villages and sub-villages in Egypt that are without Christian ministry, in spite of the fact that Christians live in these villages. Egyptian laws prevent worship outside of churches, though they may allow worship in a Christian non-governmental organization but without the practice of the sacraments.

My research is a study to explore the opportunities to establish Holistic Christian Ministries—that is the key of this study—in the areas that have Christians but are without Christian ministry.

The Introduction describes the research. Part I is the Literature Review that establishes the research framework by identifying the key aspects of indigenous culture that can facilitate establishing these ministries, explores three models that apply to this ministry, and finally, addresses the barriers and opportunities that facilitate establishing Holistic Christian Ministry. Part II utilizes interviews, focus groups, and participant observation, with analysis, to recognize the actual needs of people in these areas and the status quo of churches close to these areas. Part III establishes a strategy supported by Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo, with the local churches near these areas and others partnerships, using the findings of the research to mobilize the work in these areas with a timetable. Finally, the Conclusion focuses on using research output to establish Holistic Christian Ministry in the target areas and to motivate all the local churches to understand their role to be witnesses to the kingdom of God.

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Doctor of Missiology (DMiss)

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Shenk, Wilbert

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Evangelical Theological Seminary (Cairo, Egypt), Evangelistic work, Egypt, Missions


Christian Denominations and Sects | Christianity | Missions and World Christianity


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