Equipping Hispanic Immigrant Pastors for Holistic Mission

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The Centro Latino at Fuller Theological Seminary seeks to equip Hispanic pastors with the “tools to draw on their faith to create a better world”, which is a core component of holistic mission. Through comparative case studies, the first phase of this research examines the journeys of sixteen graduates of Centro Latino to explore the factors which impacted their capacity to implement holistic mission strategies in and with their ministries. As part of this process, this study reviews the roles played by culture, context and theological education in helping or hindering their efforts. The second and third phases of the research involves collaborating with the research subjects to develop and carry out a pilot program of continuing education activities through Centro Latino designed to increase their capacity to carry out holistic mission. Using a theoretical framework which integrates research on the impact of theological education on ministry practice, research on the Hispanic context and corresponding strategies for spiritual and practical formation for holistic mission, this study analyzes the results of the pilot program to arrive at recommendations for Centro Latino in particular and Hispanic theological education programs in general for equipping evangelical/Pentecostal Hispanic immigrant pastors for holistic mission.

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Doctor of Missiology (DMiss)

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Lingenfelter, Judith

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Fuller Theological Seminary, Centro Latino, Pasadena, Clergy, Post-ordination training, Clergy Training, Immigrants, Hispanic Americans, Religious education, Pastoral theology, Missions


Christian Denominations and Sects | Christianity | Missions and World Christianity


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