Intentional Engagement: Toward an Evangelistic Initiative of Gospel Proclamation

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This dissertation is aimed at increasing the practice of verbal gospel proclamation among Christ followers. Part I lays the foundation for a theological understanding of mission and evangelism. It is here where I examine the practice of evangelism as it pertains to missional engagement. Here I define evangelism as intentionally engaging others in spiritual conversations that can lead to sharing the gospel. In Part II, I share the sample groups I chose to research and the three different methods of anonymous surveys, confidential interviews, and participant observations. I disclose my findings of the three key barriers that keep Christians from intentionally participating in verbal gospel proclamation: 1) Does not want to be pushy, 2) Does not feel qualified, and 3) Does not know what to say. Part III describes the Training and Resource Platform (TRP) that is aimed at inspiring Christ followers to love the lost and to equip them to engage the lost. I was able to create instructional materials aimed at providing practical application activities for the churches that the Every Home for Christ ministry serves. In addition to training, this is a platform for informational resources that organizations and individuals can choose according to what is best for their contexts. I demonstrate how this TRP can be implemented at the local church level.

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Doctor of Intercultural Studies (DIS)

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Fleming, Charles

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Evangelism, Evangelistic work, Verbal gospel proclamation, Verbal proclamation of the gospel, Proclamations, Missions, Outreach, Christ-followers


Christian Denominations and Sects | Christianity | Missions and World Christianity


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