Relocating Holism: A Theology of Care for the Poor in Conversation with Sydney Anglicanism

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CMS-Australia recruits many missionaries from the Anglican Diocese of Sydney and benefits enormously from the Diocese’s theological clarity and depth of discipleship. This dissertation aims to develop a theology of care for the poor that is consonant with theological distinctives of the Diocese and will inform CMS-Australia missionaries who work in contexts of poverty.

The study explores two specific themes of Sydney Anglican theology and asks how they inform a theology of care for the poor. The first theme is the ecclesiology of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, developed by David Broughton Knox and Donald Robinson. The second theme is a prioritist view of mission as proclamation, articulated notably by Peter O’Brien. These themes and their relationship to a theology of care for the poor are explored using two research methodologies – a literature review of material published by Sydney Anglicans and ethnographic interviews conducted among faculty members of Moore Theological College. Based on this research, the dissertation proposes that care for the poor can be located in the life of the disciple and in the community of a local church. Holism is therefore relocated, from holistic mission to holistic disciples and holistic churches. The implications of this theological construction for the missiological thinking and praxis of CMS-Australia are explored.

Mentor: R. Daniel Shaw

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Doctor of Missiology (DMiss)

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Shaw, R. Daniel

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Anglican Diocese of Sydney (N.S.W.); Anglican Church of Australia; Diocese of Sydney; Poor; Holism; Evangelicalism


Missions and World Christianity


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