The Changing Face of Tanzanian Society: Its Impact on Youth and Strategies of Evangelism

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p>Globalization and westernization are bringing major changes to Tanzanian society and impacting Tanzanian youth in their decision-making process. Without a proper understanding of these changes and how they impact youth decision-making, the church in Tanzania runs the risk of losing touch with the new generation and using those traditional approaches to evangelize that are ineffective. This dissertation seeks to understand the changes in society, how those changes impact youth decision-making, and then hear from youth themselves as they express what most influences them when considering a salvation decision.

The study polled 52 student leaders, 1,132 student campers and 138 student youth group members from 5 regions of Tanzania and various family, religious, and economic backgrounds. From these three groups of students at various levels of spiritual maturity 90 interviews were conducted to understand what most influences their decision for salvation, both negatively and positively.

Three categories of influence emerged from the study; the socio-cultural influences of peers, lust, sinful environment and family pressure; emotion and faith issues where lack of trust in God brings fear and doubt to life; and the emerging factor of media and technology that is ever-increasing in its impact. These findings were used to develop a youth camp ministry model that served as a training ground for pastors and youth leaders. As evangelism strategies were implemented, findings from the research were field-tested and new discoveries made. Local pastors and youth leaders were challenged to learn from the ministry model and implement similar strategies in their local churches.

Mentor: Roberta R. King

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Doctor of Intercultural Studies (DIS)

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King, Roberta R.

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Church work with youth; Youth; Tanzania; Baptists; Social conditions


Missions and World Christianity


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