To Serve Those Who Serve Us: A Strategy to Develop a Chinese Restaurant Workers Ministry in Los Angeles


Kin Man D. Ma

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The purpose of this research is to examine the ways in which the needs and defining contextual factors of Chinese restaurant workers (CRWs) in Los Angeles impact the ministry to CRWs. The investigation also includes an inquiry into the methods selected ministries have found useful for ministering to CRWs in their communities. Based on an evaluation of the findings, an effective program of evangelizing Chinese restaurant workers will be developed.

As a backdrop to the main thrust of the study, the general situation of Chinese immigrants in America will be reviewed, in order to arrive at a conclusion illuminated by as many insights into the topic as possible. With the intention of surveying and broadening an understanding of CRWs, a general questionnaire has been designed, followed by individual interviews and focus groups which should reveal more in-depth knowledge in the inner world of informants.

The over-riding conclusion of the research is that the major factor dominating and shaping the lives of the CRWs is that they are trapped within long work hours. The needs of CRWs that they most often express, are classified under three main headings: English inability, physical and mental pressure, and lack of social interaction.

In examining the obstacles standing between CRWs and their acceptance of the gospel, their long working hours are again the primary consideration, but their traditional Chinese faiths also exert an influence. The best ways of overcoming these difficulties and introducing CRWs to Christianity are through various forms of outreach, but above all through the establishment of friendships and the demonstration that Christian offers of service stem from genuine love and concern.

In order to answer the purpose of this study, new concepts and ideas are provided to accommodate CRWs' circumstances. These marginalized people can be reached and served effectively through hosting a series of life changing workshops, teaching them about technology, and restructuring the CRWs fellowship meeting. A recreational activities center should be an emphasis, as a productive means to serve both CRWs' physical and mental needs and provide an environment to bring CRWs closer to God.

Mentor: Alan R. Weaver, PhD

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Doctor of Intercultural Studies

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Weaver, Alan R.

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Chinese Americans; Restaurants; Evangelistic work; Church work with Asian Americans; Church work with aliens; Church work with immigrants


Missions and World Christianity


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