A Model for Nurturing Prophets of Renewal in the Canadian Context

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Prophets of renewal, who have been granted spiritual authority by the Holy Spirit to function as messengers of the Transcendent, are both rejected by and rejecting the local church in Canada. The primary agent of mission in Canada, the local church, is hemorrhaging faith due to a transcendent view of God being diminished. This work proposes a missiological change strategy that is in effect a prophet formation environment. It is designed to strengthen, encourage and comfort prophets of renewal while restoring them to their role of retelling, ratifying and reimagining the church's covenant relationship with God in the Canadian context such that a transcendent view of God may be enlarged and the mission of God passionately pursued.

Part I of this work demonstrates how the Canadian church is severely hemorrhaging faith due to the loss of a transcendent view of God such that mission has suffered significant delay. Part II surveys the history of prophets with a special view totheir message and lifestyle to show that prophets of renewal require a nurturing environment attentive to the mesosystem they indwell. Part III reports on the field research that surfaced fundamental properties of a prophet formation environment based on the study of biblical, historical and contemporary prophets. Part IV presents a missiological change model based on a construct of systems theory, a context of biblical, personal change, and content from cultural narrative theory.

Mentor: Randy Reese

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Doctor of Intercultural Studies (DIS)

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Reese, Randy

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Transcendence of God; Postmodernism; Prophets; Canada; Church renewal; Protestant churches


Missions and World Christianity


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