Unlocking Chilean Communities by Training Potential Catalytic Urban Church Planters

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This dissertation seeks to create a contextualized training design for potential catalytic urban church planters among leaders in the Foursquare Church of Chile. The rate of church planting has been slow during the last several decades, compared to the initial explosion of church multiplication that occurred when the founding missionary, Angelo Arbizu, arrived in Chile in 1949.

Precedent literature was reviewed that dealt with the challenges and past successes in the urban context of Santiago. Competency management principles were used to develop a competency model of a catalytic urban church planter based on the ministry of the Apostle Paul. Adult education literature and Jane Vella’s Dialogue Education approach informed the development of a training design called Christian Dialogue Education (CDE). Christian Dialogue Education extends Vella’s approach because CDE finds its purpose in producing Christ-like attitudes and behaviors in the lives of learners through dialogue.

The procedure for developing a contextualized training design was based on a transformative mixed-methods research approach. The research method began with creating a survey based on a Pauline competency model. The purpose of the survey was to identify potential catalytic urban church planters who would serve as respondents in focus groups and semi-structured interviews.

Three key results were obtained by the research. Nineteen potential catalytic urban church planters were identified by the survey. The minimal performance level for urban church planting was established as one new church every five years by each Foursquare congregation in Chile. Christian Dialogue Education was considered a more effective training approach than a traditional lecture model due to its interactive nature and focus on spiritual formation.

The research provided several recommendations for future consideration by the leaders of the Foursquare Church of Chile. Competency management principles may also serve to create similar competency models for other church leaders like evangelists, prophets, pastors and teachers. Developing performance standards for ministry could improve urban church planting. Christian Dialogue Education could be applied to other training venues in the organizational life of the Foursquare Church of Chile.

Mentor: Mark Hopkins

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Doctor of Intercultural Studies (DIS)

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Hopkins, Mark

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Foursquare Church of Chile; International Church of the Foursquare Gospel; Church development, New; City missions; Spiritual formation; Pentecostal churches


Missions and World Christianity


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