Developing Disciples through Contextualized Worship Arts in Mozambique: Grazing and Growing

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This dissertation explores the impact of indigenous hymnody and contextual worship arts on the development of church ministry and missions in selected urban church contexts in Beira, Mozambique. This qualitative diachronic cross-case applied research focused on expanding the song-writing workshop model in an effort to enhance culturally appropriate worship in the local church.

This study took place over the course of two years and proceeded in four distinct phases, with corresponding methods. The initial phase focused on exploring the general research context, and included a literature review, interviews, and participant observation at one church. The second phase delved deeper into the church context and was broadened to include twelve churches for a comparative analysis. Methods included participant observation, interviews, and summative content analysis of frequently sung songs. Adaptive change was initiated in the third research phase, employing focus group interviews, experimental training opportunities, participant observation, and monthly composer’s clubs. The final phase assessed the results of the adaptive change phase through a self-administered questionnaire, interviews and participant observation.

Results of this study included increased use of local hymnody, intentional use of worship to teach theological truths, engaged pastors and empowered worship leaders, and a greater missional involvement through the use of contextualized worship arts. This study clearly demonstrates the necessity of contextualized worship arts as a key component of local church growth, and the development of its members, encouraging personal discipleship, growing ministry and empowering for mission.

Mentor: Roberta R. King

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Doctor of Intercultural Studies (DIS)

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King, Roberta R.

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Worship; Mozambique; Ministers of music; Sacred music; Music in churches; Church music; Hymns


Missions and World Christianity


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