Designing a Model of Leadership Development for Missional Pastors in the Anglican Church of Rwanda

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This dissertation aims at designing a model of leadership development for missional pastors in the context of the Anglican Church of Rwanda. The study is motivated by the African dilemma of fast growing churches in broken nations, a situation often blamed on wrong political choices and flawed missional practices in the churches. Part I surveys the literature on the African dilemma with a special focus on leadership problems and church missiological practices. It presents the portrait of the missional church and of the missional leader as two pillars of missional engagement. Part II explores theories of instructional design and adult leadership development that are relevant to the design of my model of missional leadership development. Part III describes my field research methodology and presents the field research findings. I used focus groups discussions and semi–structured interviews to identify the learning needs and the leadership development culture in the Anglican Church of Rwanda. The findings give the profile of the missional pastor in the Rwandan context and the need to produce a curriculum for contextual training to produce missional church leaders. Part IV presents my model of missional leadership development, an organizational analysis of the Anglican Church of Rwanda and a change strategy built on the application of the model to the production of a contextual curriculum at Kigali Anglican Theological College.

Mentor: Robert Freeman

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Doctor of Intercultural Studies (DIS)

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Freeman, Robert

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Anglican Church of Rwanda; Christian leadership; Leadership; Anglican Communion; Clergy


Missions and World Christianity


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