The Development of Mentoring Practices Guidelines for Korean-Chinese in Yoido Full Gospel Church


Ildoo Kwon

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Yoido Full Gospel Church (YFGC) has been one of the largest and most influential churches, not only in Korea but, in the world. The church is now facing new challenges and opportunities for growth and missions brought on by the globalization of the church and the diversity in the multicultural society of Korea. The church must recognize the need for multicultural leadership and learn to work with multicultural people. In Korea, roughly one third of the foreigners are Korean-Chinese who have become important members of the Korean society. To date, Yoido Full Gospel Church has not established a system or program to disciple and serve the Korean-Chinese. The lack of culturally trained pastors and staff in the church limits the proliferation of mission work and serving the Korean-Chinese at YFGC. This study seeks to find culturally appropriate mentoring practices and guidelines to equip and empower the Korean-Chinese to be future mission agents, as well as multicultural pastors strengthening the multifaceted ministries of the church.

In this study, Clinton’s mentoring and Hofstede’s cultural dimension theories were used to examine the key factors of mentoring practices and cultural differences in a multicultural context. In addition, the cultural characteristics of Koreans and Korean-Chinese were examined in order to understand their cultural differences. The mentoring culture of YFGC was also explored to understand the context of the study.

The field research was conducted using semi-structured interviews and surveys. For the semi structured interview, eight questions were asked of twenty Korean-Chinese church members based on the framework of Clinton’s mentoring models. For the survey, Hofstede’s VSM08 was used among the Korean-Chinese, the Koreans and the Chinese in YFGC. The data was then analyzed from both the semi structured interviews and surveys.

Finally, culturally appropriate mentoring practices and guidelines based on the field research were presented in light of the literature for the improvement of mentoring practices for the Korean-Chinese in YFGC.

Mentor: Dr. Charles Fleming

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Doctor of Intercultural Studies (DIS)

First Advisor

Fleming, Charles

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Yŏŭido Sun Pogŭm Kyohoe (Seoul, Korea); Mentoring; Mentoring in church work; Intercultural communication; Christian leadership; Pentecostal churches


Missions and World Christianity


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