A Study of the Macro, Social and Psychological Factors That Influence the Civic Participation Practices of Christians at Mavuno Church, Nairobi, Kenya

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This research examines the factors that motivate and limit Christians at Mavuno Church in their practice of civic participation. The study itself is informed by a theoretical understanding of the macro context, as well as the social and psychological factors that are linked to civic participation. Chapter 1 offers an introduction to the study, in particular, the purpose and goals of the study.

Chapter 2 provides an overview of historical and contemporary perspectives on civic participation and the potential influence of these perspectives on the civic participation practices of Christians at Mavuno Church, in Nairobi, Kenya. Chapter 3 discusses factors linked to civic participation and provides illustrations of several individuals and institutions who exemplify civic participation and the specific motivating factors linked to such participation. Chapter 4 and 5 discuss the research methods employed and the data collected for the purposes of this study, respectively. These included twenty interviews with key leaders at Mavuno Church, Hill City, 4 focus group discussions from across the different campuses of Mavuno Church (Mashariki, Downtown and Hill City), which were conducted over a 2 year period.

Furthermore the study incorporated a survey which was administered to members of Mavuno Downtown and Hill City campuses and was completed by seventy-five respondents. Finally participant observation of a small group of the staff leaders of the Hill City, Downtown and Crossroads campuses was carried out. Chapter six and seven then present the change plan and implications arising out of the study and the conclusion and recommendations.

Overall the study indicated a need for Mavuno Church to go beyond developing convictions about civic participation and provide more support for individuals to practice civic participation at the level of engaging with structures and decision making processes in society. The findings show that 6 out of 10 Christians at Mavuno Church are engaging civically. Most of these are not engaging at the level of structures and longer term decision making. The church plays the important role of providing an environment in which individuals can begin to practice civic participation beyond the confines of the Church, in the wider society.

Mentor: Alan Weaver

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Doctor of Intercultural Studies (DIS)

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Weaver, Alan

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Mavuno Church (Nairobi, Kenya); Christianity and politics; Christianity and politics; Protestant churches


Missions and World Christianity


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