Community on the way : An instructional design to equip leaders of Tri-Lakes Chapel Base Camps for missional engagement

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This dissertation creates an instructional design to equip leaders of Tri-Lakes Chapel (TLC) Base Camps to missionally engage Northern El Paso County, Colorado (NEPC). The issue prompting the study was a lack of equipping for the praxis of the TLC mission and vision, resulting in leaders left trying to implement a vision without adequate training and instruction.

Part 1 focuses on the need for the development of leaders by exploring the known literature for missional community, holistic Base Camps, and adult leadership development (ALD). A foundational theology of mission and missional community is explored in addition to the establishment of a need for the development of healthy leaders and holistic Base Camps. This need is examined by viewing cultural realities of Base Camp member life through the framework of Christian-based systems theory. A Leadership Development Design is also developed based on a connection between ALD, instructional design and systems leadership literature.

Part 2 describes research at Tri-Lakes Chapel based on case study methodology, utilizing an electronic survey, focus groups, group observation, and a document review to provide input for the Leadership Development Design. Findings from field research lead to conclusions regarding leadership needs and preferences, in addition to exposing missional engagement practices and correlations found in TLC Base Camps.

In Part 3 of the dissertation, I propose an application plan for TLC, using systems theory, the Leadership Development Design, and a unique organizational change process. This change process allows for Base Camp Leaders to engage in a new way of learning focused on competency, character, and correlations between components of holistic Base Camps and mission. Once implemented, the application plan will result in a movement of missional life in Northern El Paso County, Colorado.

Dr. Robert Freeman

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Doctor of Missiology

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Freeman, Robert

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Tri-Lakes Chapel (Monument, Colo.); Christian leadership; Leadership; Missional church movement; Church group work; Small groups


Missions and World Christianity


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