Members of Athens Christian Center Engaged in Local Missional Ministries

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Doctor of Intercultural Studies

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Reisacher, Evelyne


This research investigates the factors that motivate Athens Christian Center members to be engaged in local missional ministries. Over the years, Athens Christian Church members have gladly gone on short mission trips to a foreign country but they are not keen or enthusiastic about local missional engagement.

The body of this research is the analysis of data collected from twenty one interviews, four focus groups and a survey. The interview participants were members of Athens Christian Center Church who were engaged in local missional ministries. The four focus groups consisted of a mixture of participants. Some of those participants were engaged in local missional ministries and some were not. The seventy survey respondents were Athens Christian Center church members who had never been engaged in any local missional ministries.

The conclusion was the emergence of four key factors responsible for motivating people to be engaged in local missional ministry. These factors comprise the personal, church, local missional ministry, and culture factors.

All of the above factors in combination with the literature review have led to a change plan for Athens Christian Center.

Mentor: Evelyne Reisacher, PhD


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