The Role of Church Influence and Social Context on Selected Pentecostal Christians in the Political Leadership of Nigeria

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Doctor of Intercultural Studies

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Lingenfelter, Sherwood


This research seeks to explore the political stories of Pentecostal Christians involved in the political leadership of Nigeria. I have interviewed seven principal research subjects and corroborated their stories through a mixed research methodology; then, I conducted a semi-structured interview with nominees by these principal research subjects, followed by focus group discussions in four out of the six regions of Nigeria, namely Sokoto, Abuja, Enugu/Ihite, Uboma and Lagos. I concluded by conducting a random survey to test the data presented by the research respondents. In addition, I consulted with archival reports focused on the involvement of the PFN in political leadership in Nigeria to identify their espoused theory, comparing it with the theory in use.

Two pilot groups were set up in Sokoto and Lagos to discuss and test the change strategy needed to respond to the values gleaned from the data presented by the principal research subjects. The conclusion is that the PFN should learn adaptive dynamics in order to meaningfully engage the Pentecostal Christians in Political Leadership in Nigeria.

Mentor: Sherwood Lingenfelter, PhD


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