Appreciative Mentoring for World Horizons Personnel

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Doctor of Intercultural Studies

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Myers, Andrew S.


The mission organization World Horizons (WH) has the goal of seeing its personnel involved in mentoring relationships for holistic fruitfulness. Mentoring is one person walking alongside another, and can incorporate discipling, coaching, or spiritual direction. In this dissertation, I examine the relationship between these mentoring aspects. I explore the life-giving approach to change as offered through Appreciative Inquiry (AI), and combine features of AI to create an appreciative mentoring process for spiritual formation.

I review the literature regarding facets of mentoring, AI, and spiritual practices in mentoring relationships. Adult learning theory, Dialogue Education and AI inform the development of an Appreciative Instructional Design (AID). My field research includes a content analysis, semi-structured triad interviews, and a focus group. Research findings surface the high points experienced by the mentoring participants, the valuable practices they observed, and their description of an ideal mentoring scenario for WH in the future.

I conclude that to attain an ideal appreciative mentoring process, WH must offer skills training and resources, within a solid structure provided by a mentoring staff committed to implementing the AID.

Mentor: Andrew S. Myers


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