Unearthing Impediments to Mission Among the Eglise Pentecôtistes Unies Internationale De Côte D’ivoire

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Doctor of Intercultural Studies

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King, Roberta


This qualitative research focuses on identifying historical, socio-cultural, and theological influences that have shaped current praxis among leaders and emerging leaders in the EPUI CI’s understanding of mission. This research reveals that Ivorians continue to struggle with a plethora of existential realities—namely, marred identity, repression, poverty, lack of educational opportunities, ethnic tensions, lack of governmental stability, and the ongoing influence and meddling of its colonial-era master, France. My research findings indicate that a lack of spiritual formation has also contributed to the relatively slow growth of the EPUI CI and personal and leadership emergence. The question begging to be answered is, can a withered church present a holistic gospel? The findings of this dissertation are the sum of dialogue (interviews, focus groups, and written reflections) set in an ecclesiastical community, and they form the basis for the final recommendations. Spiritual formation as a catalyst for mission is essential if the EPUI CI is to realize its full potential as an agent of redemption and reconciliation.

Roberta King, PhD


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