Leadership Emergence in the Church of God of Tanzania

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The major issues addressed in this dissertation are leadership emergence, pastoral agency, and the denominational milieu of the Church of God of Tanzania. Research included men and women in the Church of God of Tanzania who are involved in leadership roles of various kinds within the Church. These issues were considered in an effort to develop deeper understanding about how to increase and improve leadership emergence in the Church, but especially as a result of the influence of pastoral leadership.

Research methodology consisted primarily of life story interviews where the experiences in leadership development of current leaders were analyzed in an effort to understand factors leading to their emergence and development in leadership roles. Other research methods utilized for the purposes of triangulation were active interviews, focus groups, and participant observation. Primary findings centered on two large scale categories: the denominational culture of the Church of God and the role of the local pastor in the emergence and development of new leaders.

Research findings within the categories of pastoral agency and the environment of the Church of God of Tanzania related primarily to early and ongoing opportunities for ministry, encouragement and mentoring in emerging leaders by their pastors, economics and the struggle to balance the needs of everyday life and ministry, the impact of and a greater need for training and education for ministerial involvement, and to a great extent, an overwhelming sense of discouragement and denominational pessimism present in the Church.

Application of findings is focused on the development of a pastoral care team consisting of experienced pastors charged with the ministry of encouraging, training and educating, and empowering emerging leaders to grow in ministry, leadership capacity, and leadership character.

Mentor: Alan R. Weaver

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Doctor of Intercultural Studies (DIS)

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Weaver, Alan R.

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Church of God of Tanzania, Christian leadership, Christian leadership, Tanzania


Missions and World Christianity


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