Developing Evangelical Hispanic Women Leaders in Ministry through an Understanding of Hispanic Leadership, Culture, and Women in Leadership throughout the Bible


Karina Veas

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Through examining Evangelical Hispanic women's understanding of leadership, culture, women leaders in ministries, and women leaders in the Bible, a proposed one-year cohort-style leadership development program has been created. This program will take a select group of Latinas through five courses that emerged through field research to be essential to their development as leaders in ministry.

The methodology used in this study includes focus groups, open interviews, and surveys, which have been informed by the literature reviewed. All the findings from data collection and analysis helped to formulate each course for the yearlong cohort-style leadership development program. Data was analyzed through grounded theory.

The program has five courses, which are as follows: Course 1: Preparation for the Journey; Course 2: Latina Leadership and Culture; Course 3: Women Leaders in Ministry, Course 4: Women Leaders in the Bible; and Course 5: Celebration and Reflection. These strategically designed and tailored courses will help Latinas to graduate from the program equipped and confident to step into a leadership position in ministry.

Mentor: Shelley Trebesch

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Doctor of Intercultural Studies (DIS)

First Advisor

Trebesch, Shelley

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Hispanic American women in the professions, Christian leadership, Biblical teaching, Women religious leaders, Evangelicalism


Missions and World Christianity


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