Cultural Consultants: Contextualized Learning for Indigenous Team Leadership Development at the International Bible Institute of Cambodia

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In this dissertation, I present a strategy to develop indigenous teams of leaders at the International Bible Institute (IBI) in Cambodia. The study was prompted by the need for learners at IBI Cambodia to work as a team.

In part I, I recount the history of educational development in Cambodia and research instructional design (ID) models to create an ID model that incorporates key factors of Cambodian culture and the use of dialogue education to train the resident faculty.

In part II, I explain my use of semi-structured interviews to investigate cultural factors affecting the educational development of learners at IBI Cambodia. From my analysis of the data, I found that resident faculty members desired to learn and improve their ability to teach and equip learners. They are limited by the lack of educational development and inadequate training. In order for learners to become indigenous teams of leaders, the resident faculty must be equipped with tools that enable them to implement a new model of learning.

In part III, I evaluate the organizational dynamics of the relationship between the Bear Valley Bible Institute International (BVBI) and IBI Cambodia. I then draw conclusions from the findings to suggest an ID framework that leads to recommendations for training the resident faculty. The application is designed for IBI Cambodia, but the ID model has significance as a contextualized tool for the educational process at BVBI and other mission organizations.

Mentor: Mark Hopkins

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Doctor of Intercultural Studies (DIS)

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Hopkins, Mark

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International Bible Institute (Siem Reap, Cambodia), Bear Valley Bible Institute International (Denver, Colo.), Instructional systems, Educational leadership, Religious education


Missions and World Christianity


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