Releasing Prayer: A Biblical, Historical, and Praxis Foundation for a Deliverance Ministry at Carruthers Creek Community Church

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This dissertation describes and defines our churches journey in the area of deliverance ministry. This work focuses on discovering the common principles and practices found within historic and contemporary expressions of deliverance, which being founded on biblical and historical theology can be blended together to evaluate, support and strengthen our current matrix.

First I focus on the Biblical Evidence starting with an Old Testament and Apocryphal summary. I then move to the Synoptic Gospels and Acts. The goal was to look at each encounter to see not only history and theology but also praxis. Next I look at this act done throughout history. Starting with the Church Fathers, I look to see if this type of ministry was done and if so, how was it done. In this part we also see the development of deliverance through the Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Reformation, Evangelical and the global Pentecostal traditions.

I give an outline of our current practice at Carruthers Creek Community Church, which we call 'Restoration Prayer.' In this section there is a review of the five models that have influenced us. They are the Gospel, Truth, Power, Liturgical Power and Deep Healing and Deliverance models. Finally there is a detailed outline of our matrix. It begins with how a person enters the process and is evaluated. The next steps are 'Renouncing Prayer' 'Renewal Prayer' and finally there is 'Releasing Prayer', in which the demonic are confronted directly.

The dissertation concludes with changes that need to still occur in our context, a view of spiritual gifts, authority and prayer and our follow up process so far. Also included are all of our evaluation tools, survey results of people that have been set free and other summaries of the key models mentioned above. The heart of this work is to demonstrate that through Scripture, Reason, Church History and Experience there is a need for this ministry. But it must be holistic, balanced and carefully done for God's glory, for peoples' freedom so the world can see Jesus more clearly.

Mentor: Charles Kraft

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Doctor of Missiology (DMiss)

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Kraft, Charles

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Carruthers Creek Community Church (Ajax, Ont.), Spiritual healing, Ontario, Ajax


Missions and World Christianity


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