A Pilot Study of Arthur Burk’s Method of Healing by Blessing the Human Spirits of People with Life-Debilitating Problems

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The purpose of this dissertation is to determine the viability of Arthur Burk's model of healing by blessing the human spirits of selected persons with life-debilitating problems. The reason for doing this study is to bring healing to people with life-debilitating problems. The study has three parts: (1) research, (2) investigation of Arthur Burk's method, and (3) evaluating and reporting on the findings.

The research had several parts. First was selecting a study and method type. Second was creating a plan. Third was selecting the participants. Fourth was blessing the human spirits of the people with life-debilitating problems.

Arthur Burk's method of healing by blessing the human spirit was investigated by a review of his teachings, attending live seminars and observing his website. Arthur Burk's blessing type is different from any existing healing models and blessing types that I am aware of. He presents it as a new paradigm that does not detract from existing healing paradigms but speeds them up.

The paradigm is that Christians were created to be led by their human spirit as it is led by the Spirit of God with the soul and body being under their dominion thus the person is fully functioning to become all that God created them to be. The problem is people are led by their soul instead of their spirit. The solution is to bring healing and nurture to the human spirit so it is leading. Burk gives specific steps to heal and nurture the human spirit which are also used for healing by blessing the human spirit.

Participants were prayed for using blessing the human spirit prayers for about two years. During this time each participant completed six identical questionnaires with the exception of one question. The questionnaires were compared and evaluations made. The findings are reported on in this dissertation.

Mentors: Charles H. Kraft

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Doctor of Missiology (DMiss)

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Kraft, Charles H.

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Spirituality, Healing


Missions and World Christianity


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