New Wineskin Mentoring: Fostering Cultural Intelligence among Pioneers Team Leaders

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The global missionary movement calls for culturally intelligent leaders. Recent changes in world Christianity have transformed the cross-cultural missionary profile. In the last two decades, the global missionary force has become a diverse mosaic with the influx of new cultures, languages, and perspectives from majority world churches. In light of these changes, worldwide missionary organizations, such as Pioneers (PI), find themselves at a defining crossroads. They can either “fight, flee or freeze” (Bolsinger 2015, 1663) or capitalize on incredible opportunities enabled by a new paradigm in world missions.

In this dissertation, I design a mentoring program—New Wineskin Mentoring (NWM)—to enhance culturally intelligent leadership. The proposed model utilizes multicultural team environments to mentor leaders through reflection-in-action. In part I, I employ instructional design principles to establish a context-sensitive mentoring model, NWM, which I later use as both a research framework and an application template. Then I survey the literature on cultural intelligence, adaptive leadership, and mentoring to inform NWM. In part II, I utilize interviews, document analysis, and participant observation to perform an appreciative contextual analysis on three thriving PI teams. My field research further fleshes out positive core themes related to the success of select PI multicultural teams. In part III, I draw conclusions from my findings to inform NWM, which leads to a learner-centered modus operandi.

Based on the research presented in this paper, I claim that although mission organizations have traditionally used event-based approaches for cross-cultural leadership training, experiential learner-centered mentoring optimizes leadership development for PI multicultural teams because it capitalizes on intercultural environments to enhance cultural intelligence.

NWM leverages research conclusions to foster cultural intelligence among PI team leaders. By doing so, it helps international organizations and the worldwide church become better stewards of the cultural diversity that the Holy Spirit has introduced into the global church over the last two centuries.

Mentor: Charles Fleming

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Doctor of Missiology (DMiss)

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Fleming, Charles

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Pioneers (Orlando, Fla.), Mentoring in education, Mentoring in church work, Multicultural education, Cross-cultural orientation, Cultural intelligence


Missions and World Christianity


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