Capacity Building of Anglican Local Church Leaders toward Becoming Catalysts of Integral Mission

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This dissertation focuses on capacity building of catechists and pastors (local church leaders) in Anglican Church of Rwanda (ACR) as a sustainable remedy to the problems this church has exhibited since the missionaries' era. Before proposing this remedy, I conducted scientific research in light of post-colonial and post-genocide eras. Information obtained by conducting focus groups and personal interviews with members of the various levels of ACR leadership provided primary data which supplemented my findings from the initial literature review.

In light of post-colonial and post Tutsi genocide eras, I found both positive and negative practices that converge into four key issues that need to be addressed: (1) Inadequate education of local church leaders, (2) poverty, (3) limited discipleship, and (3) unity and reconciliation. Based on the Human Resource Frame as put forward by Bolman and Deal Bolman (2008), the "now" and the "then" theory according to J. Robert Clinton (1992), and my personal insight, I will propose a long term strategy to address the above issues.

My recommendations focus on formal and informal training of ACR local leaders, the problem of poverty among ACR ministers, the need for discipleship among nominal Christians, and solving the issue of unity and reconciliation for both church leaders and their congregations so that a successful ministry can be attained. My proposed change strategy will be applied first of all to Kigali Diocese. This will be my pilot project which may be extended to other dioceses after an evaluation has been carried out.

In conclusion, I will show that as the capacity of ACR local leaders is enhanced, their role as real catalysts of integral mission will have positive implications for their families, their local churches as well as churches throughout the world that may be experiencing similar challenges.

Mentor: Charles Fleming

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Doctor of Missiology (DMiss)

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Fleming, Charles

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Province of the Anglican Church of Rwanda, Clergy


Missions and World Christianity


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