Hendrika Vande Kemp


School of Psychology

First Female Tenure-Track Faculty Member

Heated debates and events at Fuller during the mid-1970s prompted Dr. Vande Kemp to dive into social justice issues and to provide spaces for students to do the same. Engaging with feminist theology and feminist psychology, Dr. Vande Kemp taught Fuller’s first seminars on Child Abuse and Domestic Violence. She also provided supervision and mentoring for Fuller’s psychology students within the Stop Abusive Family Environments (SAFE) program.

In the early 1990s, Dr. Vande Kemp helped revive an integration seminar on Psychological and Theological Aspects of Physical Disability and became an advocate for disabled Fuller students.

Dr. Vande Kemp’s personal high point—“[t]he dozens of students, both male and female, whose ideas [were] a constant source of stimulation.”

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