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Throughout his career, including on strategically located sites for sabbatical leaves, Mitchell collected hymnals and the literature needed to interpret that corpus. The resulting collection contained 9,000 items. Also interested in liturgy and the arts, he assembled a significant collection of books documenting the traditions of Christian art and liturgy. Particular attention was devoted to material from outside North America. About 1200 hymnals in 210 languages other than English were collected, including German (310), French (79), Scandinavian languages (97), Eastern European languages (70), Welsh (61), Spanish (53), Chinese/Japanese/Korean (203), African languages (44), South Pacific/S.E. Asian languages (68), and miscellaneous American languages (33). Among the treasures of the collection are a Geneva Psalter (1562) and two early Dutch Psalters (1643 and 1767), editions of the Sternhold and Hopkins Psalter (1615, 1640, 1739, and 1776) as well as the hymnals of Lady Selina Countess of Huntington (1793 and 1801). There are also 169 different oblong nineteenth-century American Sunday School Books.

The archival materials include published and unpublished works, correspondence, church music ephemera and documentary resources for Mitchell’s life and ministry.

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