A Development of the Bible Study Material. The Troas Series

Myung Son Kim

Text in Korean with an abstract in English. Material is subject to copyright.

Abstract 초록

In this dissertation, I examine the cause of the decline of the membership in the Korean churches. I find the cause in the lack of education in the Bible. I propose that we should go back to the Bible in order to revive the church.

This dissertation is consisted of the three chapters and an appendix. In the introduction, the purpose and range of the study, and the method and circumstance of the research is stated. The first chapter deals with the definition of the Bible Study, the motivation and the purpose of the Bible Study, and the necessity and the fundamental principles of the Bible Study with the method and process. In the second chapter, the representative Bible Study materials which receive good responses in several churches currently are compared and analyzed. In this process, the materials for the adult groups and for the young adult groups are distinguished. The third chapter, a new Bible Study material is presented for the model of the education of the Bible in the church. In the appendix, “Droa Bible Study” is included.

The Word of God is not changing but the method of studying it can change. And the change should be actively sought and achieved. The revival of the church is preceded by the serious study of the Bible in the church. In this study I argue that the Bible Study should occupy the highest priority over social activity so that the Bible may be the guiding principle in the life of the church. I also argue that like “Berean Christians” church members should develop the habit of examining the Bible as an individual as well as the whole church. Since the division of the church and the challenge against the church arise from the anti-intellectual tendencies that despise the study of the Bible, the congregation should be rigorously trained in the Word. Finally, the priority should be set to apply the Word in the actual life after learning the Word so that the life itself can be changed. For this end, the intentional plans should be implemented by the church.

As we face the new century, we should go back to the Word so that we should revive our individual spirituality as well as the church as a whole. We should prepare for the plan of God who wants to use Korean people to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ for the evangelization of the whole world.

Theological Mentors: Seyoon Kim, Ph. D.

Jeong Kii Min, Ph. D.